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Development Company EPIC Development and VTB Bank offer opportunity to purchase apartment at Al. Kazbegi  Ave. with the condition of  mortgage  loan, only based on your ID card, without additional security and study of income.

Credit term – up to 120 months

Purchaser's share: from 30% (from 40% for foreign citizens)  


The winner of 2014 project Nichieri will be awarded by Epic development with the apartment near Krtsanisi governmental residence.


The famous Japanese  architect George Kunihiro visited  Georgia

On 3rd of November the famous Japanese  architect George Kunihiro visited  Georgia. The main reason of arrival  was cooperation with Georgian Union Of Architects also he has conсerned with EpicDevelopment about collaboration. George Kunihiro  will consultate  Epic Group in prepareing and realizing new projeqts. The company EpicDevelopment  and the famous architect  George Kunihiro signed a memorandum for the future Cooperation.



Quality crown award London 2014 - EpicDevelopment